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Biography: I’ve lived in New York City my entire life. I’ve now semi- retired – more towards the “retired.” I try to live a healthy life, though such things as exercise, eating what I think is in a healthy manner, and working to have my mind in a healthy state. Part of that includes doing what I think is right, such as limiting my carbon footprint.

I’m rather apolitical, but am absolutely convinced that global warming exists and will have a devastating impact on the planet, especially if continue on the path we are on. Trump saddens and baffles me. He seems very interested in the “bottom line” of the country, so I’ll address what global warming is doing to that instead of what it’s doing to the planet. He wants to fire up coal plants, etc. to increase the bottom line. I guess he thinks the money earned from those changes will be much greater than the money lost by such disasters resulting from global warming such as hurricanes. I think he's more concerned with putting money in his own pocket, regardless of the environmental or other consequences.

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