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              aschlachter activity:  1 PlanetThought and 5 comments
User: aschlachter (Adam Schlachter)
Interests: Recycling, Waste Reduction, Sustainability, LEED, Garbage!
Goals: Business   Community   Friendship    
Organization: Kessler Consulting, Inc.
Job Title: Consultant
URL (Web address):
Biography: My career has been varied in both types of jobs and their locations. I've worked in the Solid Waste Management field for 13 years doing everything from litter pickup & waste sorts to Request for Proposals & Education Program development. It's been fun! Most people have no clue what happens to their waste after they place it at the curb. Funny thing is...that's just the first step in a long journey of generating and collecting a huge resource that we haven't even skinned the surface of. And the best part....your waste is tied to everything you do. It's definitely something you should think about....long past the curb!

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