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2 comments, last: Nov-17-2007   Add a comment   Contributor:  PT (Nov-3-2007)    Play a Video
Categories: Global Warming, Peak Oil/Gas & Energy Demand, Sustainable Living, Wildlife and Nature

The Thinker needs food for thought - here it isAfter more than a year talking to a lot of people in person, via email, and by telephone, and attending real meetings and virtual meetings, I have made this list of resources.  Hopefully it is nourishing food for thought, for heavy thinkers like you - the reader - and that guy to the right as well.

You are very welcome to comment with any additional favorites YOU have (or even to criticize a choice I made!)  I know these resources will help you find some of the information you want:

Carbon Calculators

Climate Crisis
Live Earth
Nature Conservancy
One Climate


Collapse, Jared Diamond
The Long Emergency, James H. Kunstler
Plan B 2.0, Lester R. Brown
Power Down, Richard Heinberg
Twilight in the Desert, Matthew R. Simmons

Films and Videos

An Inconvenient Truth,
Arctic Ice Receding
Crude Awakening
Peak Oil (Wissner)

Strange Days on Planet Earth,

Web sites

Peak Oil:

Resources / Species:

Global Warming:

New Life Styles / Blogs


11 Solutions
Youth Movement

Leading Thinkers and Speakers

Lester Brown (balanced approach)
Jared Diamond (Pulitzer-prize for his books)
Al Gore ('nuff said?)
James Lovelock (Gaia, pessimistic)
Amory Lovins (hydrogen power, optimistic)
Bill McKibben (Step It Up - climate)

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Comment by:  PT (David Alexander) (Nov-17-2007)   Web site
That sounds like a good idea - it is a self-maintaining current list of interests and recommendations. That is why you are an innovator.
Comment by: Pelf C. Nyok (Nov-17-2007)   Web site

I used to bookmark sites that touch on the environment but that list grew kinda long, and I didn't have enough time to read and follow each site, so I trashed the list.

Currently, with StumbleUpon, I find myself bookmarking single posts (environment-related), which I find interesting. So hopefully I'll compile a list of such stories/blog posts in the near future so that we can all share what we've "discovered" and "liked" :)

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About contributor Member: PT (David Alexander) PT (David Alexander)
   Web site:

Member: PT (David Alexander) In 2006 I started building the Web site to raise awareness of environmental issues, but I have been in the software field since 1978, working primarily on healthcare-related and not-for-profit organizations, but also for some general commercial companies. I have also long been a supporter of environmental causes.

I am an enthusiastic Tai Chi Chuan practitioner and teacher. This helps balance my brain after sitting at a screen for hours at a time, and lends some balance to life.

In early 2006 global warming and other environmental and energy challenges, as well as escalating wars in numerous locations, became central to my understanding of issues that our whole planet faces, and I wanted to do something with my skills to spread awareness and understanding of environment and energy issues, as well as discuss better philosophies of living, for greater satisfaction beyond consumerism.
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