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Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

High-Efficiency Car Choices: Super-Cars Shout Out Competition

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We all want to do what we can to reduce the global warming gases that get emitted, especially in our own areas of living and working, where we have the most direct influence. To add another dimension, it would be great to congratulate others who are doing something to help the environment.

Have a blog or organization Web site? Want to join in the fun with a purpose? Read more about it, and let us know your thoughts. We would love to work with you.
For these reasons, we have created the Super-Cars Shout Out Competition™ (SCSOC). This contest allows you to place a simple, colorful flier on high mileage cars that you encounter, showing the vehicle owner that she or he has done something worthy by choosing
The Simple Steps...

1. Download and print one or more of our fliers (recycled paper prefered)

2. Find a 40+ mpg US (16.74 kmpl) car from our list (or make a request that one be added)

3. Place our flier under the windshield wiper

4. Use a digital camera or good cell phone to photograph

5. Upload the image or images to the Web site

See The Simple Rules
for full details
a leading-edge (in fuel efficiency) vehicle. Optionally, you can re-use a single copy of the flier on multiple vehicles to avoid paper waste, but then the car owner never knows that he/she was recognized, so we don't recommend that. Printing fliers on recycled paper with high post-consumer content is recommended.

We would still prefer it if everyone could all walk, bicycle, car pool and car share, or use mass transit rather than driving individually-owned vehicles.  Using more efficient cars simply makes this habit or need less damaging to our environment by reducing global warming gases, and saving fuel as well.  Hopefully these cars are part of a transition to a better set of solutions.

The prize for this competition will be at least $500 guaranteed (we are working on a larger amount). So if you are not in it for the fun and the mission, there is another reason to join in.  And to make this fun for the wise car buyers, we will give $50 per month to one randomly selected car owner who contacts us that month and who has a valid photo of their of car uploaded on our site by any other entrant.  Note: no individual or their family can win more than one secondary prize (the $50), but such winners are still eligible for the grand prize as described below.

Click for a larger version of this Prius snapshot
Sample of how to photograph a car, showing the flier  as well as model information and a significant part of the car for easy ID
After printing some of the fliers that you download from our site, when you are outside look for vehicles that are on the list of high-efficiency vehicles, those that officially achieve at least 40 mpg US (16.74 kmpl) on the highway. Place a flier on the windshield, keeping it as straight as possible, then step back and take a clear photograph showing the flier, and enough of the car to determine the make and model. The specific year does not matter (that would be too hard to track).

The final step is to come to the Web site, log in, and go to the upload page where you can then upload the images you have in your camera, and write a small commment about the image (if you like).

That's it! Our goal will be ultimately to encourage the respect given to environmental measures. By using positive energy, we can inspire ourselves and others. In the end, the person who uploads the most pictures of valid car models will win the grand prize.

The Simple Rules

1. The submission period for the competition will run through September 30, 2008 at 11:59pm Eastern (US) Time (GMT -5). All entries must be submitted by then.

2. Employees and contractors of car or vehicle dealers and manufacturers, and car repair garage owners and staff, may not participate in this competition. Staff of and competition sponsors also may not participate in this competition

3. Photographs of vehicles must be seen "in the wild". For example, auto dealer parking lots and immediate surroundings are not valid as image sources for this competition. Mall parking lots not connected to car dealerships are valid image sources

4. Images must include a visible copy of an official Super-Cars Shout Out Competition flier (downloaded or originally from, including any co-branding of participating organizations). Images must also show enough of the photographed vehicle to make it clear that the car is on the list of approved vehicles. Images may not include any indecent, offensive, or illegal content, otherwise they and possibly the submitter will be disqualified. The images must be unique to that uploader, and may not be copies of images from other sources

5. Valid cars to be photographed are those that for at least one model year achieved an official EPA rating of at least 40 mpg US
(16.74 kmpl) for highway driving at some point before the end of the submission period

6. If a contestant locates a car that meets the mileage efficiency criteria but that is not on the list, the contestant should notify of that fact, and send a description of the car make and model, and optionally an image, to

7. Properly submitted and valid photograph images will be reviewed on completion of the submission period by a panel of impartial judges appointed by Decisions of image validity may be discussed with submitter at the sole discretion of

8. All decisions on image validity and ability of a contestant to participate are at the final and sole discretion of

9. The winner will be selected using a weighted value calculated from the number of valid uploaded car images from each participant. The winner will be announced within one month of the end of the submission period; this marks the end of the competition. Award(s) will be sent to the winner(s) within two weeks of announcing the winner(s)

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About contributor Member: PT (David Alexander) PT (David Alexander)
   Web site:

Member: PT (David Alexander) In 2006 I started building the Web site to raise awareness of environmental issues, but I have been in the software field since 1978, working primarily on healthcare-related and not-for-profit organizations, but also for some general commercial companies. I have also long been a supporter of environmental causes.

I am an enthusiastic Tai Chi Chuan practitioner and teacher. This helps balance my brain after sitting at a screen for hours at a time, and lends some balance to life.

In early 2006 global warming and other environmental and energy challenges, as well as escalating wars in numerous locations, became central to my understanding of issues that our whole planet faces, and I wanted to do something with my skills to spread awareness and understanding of environment and energy issues, as well as discuss better philosophies of living, for greater satisfaction beyond consumerism.
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