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Count  Title Created    Recommended Type Author
4    Powerdown: Options and Actions for a ... Book Heinberg, Richard
3    The Long Emergency: Surviving the End... Book Kunstler, James Howard
3    Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Sa... Book Simmons, Matthew R.
3    Plan B 2.0... Book Brown, Lester R.
3    The Solar Economy... Book Scheer, Hermann
2    The End of Oil: On the Edge of a Peri... Book Roberts, Paul
2    Silent Spring... Book Carson, Rachel
1    Vital Signs 2005... Book Worldwatch Institute
1    State of the World 2006... Book Worldwatch Institute
1    The Dance of Life... Book Ellis, Havelock
2    Walden and Civil Disobedience... Book Thoreau, Henry David
0    Beyond Oil: The View From Hubbert's P... Book Deffeyes, Kenneth
1    The Revenge of Gaia... Book Lovelock, James E.
2    The State of the Earth... Book Conkin, Paul
1    Only One Earth: the Care and Maintena... Book Ward, Barbara
4    Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fai... Book Diamond, Jared
1    Catalyst... Mag/News Union of Concerned Scient...
0    Blood of the Earth... Book Hiro, Dilip
1    The Last Landscape... Book Whyte, William H.
1    The Mind at the End of its Tether... Book Wells, H. G.
1    Last Oasis: Facing Water Scarcity... Book Postel, Sandra
1    Auguries of Innocence... Book Blake, William
1    The Prairie... Book Cooper, James Fenimore
1    Leaves of Grass... Book Whitman, Walt
1    My First Summer in the Sierra... Book Muir, John
1    Cosmos... Book Sagan, Carl
1    Middlemarch... Book Eliot, George
1    Financial Times... Mag/News Financial Times
2    Guardian... Mag/News Guardian
1    In Praise of Nature... Book Mills, Stephanie
1    Saturday Review... Mag/News Review, Saturday
1    Shadows on the Rock... Book Cather, Willa
1    The Book of American Negro Poetry: Re... Book Hughes, Langston
1    Specimen Days & Collect... Book Whitman, Walt
1    Letters to a Spiritual Seeker / Wild ... Book Thoreau, Henry David
1    Masters of the Dew... Book Roumain, Jacques
1    The Writings of Henry David Thoreau... Book Thoreau, Henry David
1    Oxford Book of American Verse... Book Jeffers, Robinson
1    An Inconvenient Truth... CD/DVD Gore, Al
1    Shambhala Sun... Mag/News Snyder, Gary
1    What a Way to Go - Life at the End of... CD/DVD Bennett, Timothy S.
1    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... Book Dahl, Roald
3    National Geographic... Mag/News Lopez, Barry
1    Storm World... Book Mooney, Chris
1    E Environmental Magazine... Mag/News Metcalf, Mandy
1    Scientific American... Mag/News
1    Richard Heinberg EON Interview... Other (O) Heinberg, Richard
1    Man Adapting... Book Dubos, Rene
0    NBC Meet the Press Interview... Other (O) Nader, Ralph
1    Climate Code Red... Other (O) Sutton, Philip
1    Science Express: Research paper: Impa... Mag/News Chao, Benjamin
1    A Crude Awakening... CD/DVD Gelpke, Baso;
1    I.O.U.S.A.... Other (O) Wiggin, Addison
1    Myopic Man: On the Nature and Univers... Book Pratarelli, Marc
1    The Sane Society... Book Fromm, Erich
1    Future Scenarios: How Communities Can... Book Holmgren, David
1    Sacred Demise... Book Baker, Carolyn
1    The Cul-de-Sac Syndrome: Turning Arou... Book Wasik, John
1    The Ecology of Growth... Mag/News Robins, Nick
1    Ethics for the New Millennium... Book Lama, Dalai
0    The Aerosol Solution... Book DelMar, Lee

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