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The Ecology Of Growth
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Jul-1-2010       ScottCarlin

If you feel that Barrack Obama is not even close to solving this economic crisis, then take a look at Nick Robins' The Ecology of Growth.  His British-slanted review of a half-dozen authors offers a cogent summary of green macroeconomics.

  1.  We need significantly better measures of economic performance. GNP and GDP are woefully inadequate for the 21st century. 

  2.  We need to scale up "investments in resource efficiency, clean technologies, and ecosystem enhancement."  Industrialized nations spend 15-20% of their...  See entire review

The American Dream Re-visited: The Cul-de-Sac Syndrome
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Jul-15-2009       GreenHomeBldg

The Cul-de-Sac Syndrome: Turning Around the Unsustainable American Dream is a timely book that analyzes the origins and eventual failure of what has been known as the "American Dream." John F. Wasik, the author of this very well researched and written book is a finance columnist for Bloomberg News, so he has his finger on the pulse of American finance and folly. Published in 2009, The Cul-de-Sac Syndrome is full of insight about...  See entire review

Sacred Demise
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Mar-28-2009 Click to play the linked video or audio in a new window       chefurka

Sacred Demise: Walking the Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization's CollapseThis is a brand new book by author and professor Carolyn Baker. I've been following her blog for more than a year now, and have found that her assessment of the crisis of civilization is virtually identical to my own. We have been informed by the same sources, have connected the same dots into identical patterns, and have come to the same conclusion: the multi-faceted crisis of civilization is a predicament without a solution, and the only reasonable response to it is personal spiritual transformation.

Along the way she has drawn on many sources that have also influenced me strongly over the last couple of years: Charles Eisenstein's remarkable book...  See entire review

Myopic Man
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Nov-20-2008 Click to play the linked video or audio in a new window     Sarah

Land use for farming impacts the rainforest: what to do?Sub-title: On the Nature and Universality of Human Self-Deception and Its Effects on the Health of the Planet

This book asks "what is it about human nature that leads people to ignore or deny their environmental footprint?" Others have addressed the denial of human nature in general, but none reveal the link between this...  See entire review

I.O.U.S.A. Movie Lacks 'Energy' but Still Worthwhile
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Aug-25-2008 Click to play the linked video or audio in a new window       newculture

We just returned home from the live nation wide premiere of IOUSA, a film about the U.S. debt. If only the filmmakers had understood more about the energy situation, then we really would have had something to talk about it. Unfortunately, this film lacked the theme of energy.

Interesting bits were to be found, nonetheless, such as a nice history of the federal debt level, and some clean graphs showing the business-as-usual projections. Again, the graphs didn't take into account the declining oil supply, nor the...  See entire review

A Crude Awakening . . . Indeed
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Mar-21-2008 Click to play the linked video or audio in a new window Click to show the linked image in a new window     whander
A Crude Awakening (2006), a provocative documentary addressing the global peak oil crisis, was recently released on DVD.  Although the original film release created some buzz in the Peak Oil thought community, it did not receive significant attention in the  wider population.  With the ever-deepening oil crises affecting us on  economic, political and social levels, the wider  DVD release provides us a useful time to...  See entire review

Glacier Melt Impact on Sea-Level is Underestimated
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Mar-19-2008 Click to play the linked video or audio in a new window     whander

Global sea level has been climbing steadily over the past 80 years—and the contribution from melting ice has been more substantial than previously estimated, according to new research in Science Express.


...  See entire review

Code Red: A Climate Change Emergency
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Mar-14-2008 Click to play the linked video or audio in a new window     whander
Climate Code Red: the Time Is NowThe Reality Report recently conducted an insightful interview with Philip Sutton of the Greenleap Strategic Institute and coauthor of a new report called "Climate Code Red: the Case for a Sustainability Emergency."

This report reviews disturbing new data and scientific understanding of climate change, explains why existing institutions have failed to respond adequately to the problem, and outlines an appropriate response....  See entire review

Our Post-Carbon future: a Peak Oil Perspective
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Feb-18-2008 Click to play the linked video or audio in a new window     whander
Richard HeinbergOne of the most influential proponents of Peak Oil, Mr. Richard Heinberg discusses this topic and related sustainability issues in an extensive interview on the Ecological Options Network. Mr. Heinberg is an ecologist and author of Power Down, Peak Everything and a number of influential books concerning Peak Oil. See

Mr. Heinberg calls himself a realist, not a pessimist, in predicting...  See entire review

Review of Storm World
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Nov-25-2007     ScienceWriter
The details of global warming, and the issue of man’s contribution to it, are not only controversial, but also hellishly complicated. On the level of public understanding, it would seem otherwise. Sunlight enters our atmosphere, and a portion of it is trapped by greenhouse gases, preventing it from radiating back into space. A network of sensors exists around the globe, taking measurements of carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, chlorofluorocarbons, and other trace gases. When the measurements are combined...  See entire review

Reviews    Records: 1-10  
  Found: 15

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