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Blog item: Character and Competition: The Power of Speech and Leadership

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10 comments, last: Oct-12-2008   Add a comment   Author:  PT (Oct-11-2008)    Play a Video
Category: Philosophical & Quality of Life

Peace underlies every disagreementIs anyone else getting nervous?  No, I don't mean about the economy.  This is more serious.

We have been hearing shouts such as "terrorist" and "off with his head" at John McCain and Sarah Palin rallies, referring to candidate Barack Obama.  When John McCain is widely heard saying "That one" of his opponent, and when John McCain accuses him of loving terrorists, this could easily transform into an incitement to deadly violence.  And until yesterday, the Republican campaigners did nothing to criticize or restrain those potentially violence-inducing expressions that spring from the heated campaigns.

Why is a shout of "terrorist" so dangerous, when uncorrected?  It is because some single individual with a rifle, just one out of the millions, may suddenly "understand" that a terrorist takeover of the country is about to ensue, and it would be that individual's "duty" to kill the terrorist. 

Hopefully even McCain supporters can see (and I believe many of them can) the danger of allowing elections to be influenced by threats and physical intimidation.This may become the door opening wider in future elections to more explicit branding of an opponent as a non-citizen, terrorist, crazy, animal, or other degrading insult.  The next step is simply to put the animal out of its misery.

Is that what we want?  Is that what anyone normal wants?

I think the most tragic event that could occur nationally right now would be an assassination of either candidate (or of their VP candidates).  This is not just about the treatment of indiviuals, where uncalled-for violence is the worst insult and injury to a person, not allowing for discussion and the possibility of persuasion.  It is about our ability now and in the future to strongly disagree, at times, but to carefully work through the arguments, listen to the opponent's thinking, and perhaps even reach a mutual understanding leading to a jointly supported result, whether that is legislation, or a policy.

Leaders, and I do mean true leaders, do not let their followers foment more and more violent emotions.  That is why John McCain's recent public statements trying to moderate his crowds are heartening.  For example, at one recent rally he said, ""If you want a fight, we will fight.  But we will be respectful. I admire Sen. Obama and his accomplishments." And when people booed, he cut them off.

I hope John McCain is waking up to the danger to all of us of this moment and these last few weeks of the campaign.  Hopefully John McCain knows that a country supporting the best efforts of Barack Obama is better than a country whose leader has been assassinated or more simply, who is consistently disrespected by a significant block of those in government who are be suspicious of Obama's motives.

Let moderation rule the day.  As John McCan said, "If you want a fight, we will fight".  Yes, continue the sparring if you feel that is the best way to distinguish yourself from the other candidate.  But please, when your followers cross over that line of accusation, also remember to correct their raw anger.

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Comment by:  PT (David Alexander) (Oct-12-2008)   Web site
If they try it they will be plunged into the lake of fire, literally. So will some of the normal people, but the result would be to destroy the plots of the shadow government, at least for a significant while, in a more dramatic version of what appears to be happening right now with the resurgence of the Democrats. That is my last word on the subject for tonight - exhaustion calls.
Comment by: auntiegrav (auntiegrav) (Oct-12-2008)

Comment by: auntiegrav (auntiegrav) (Oct-12-2008)   

The American people are idiots, and spend their time watching an idiot box to keep them idiotic. If the TV doesn't tell them we are under Martial Law, they A) wouldn't know what it means, and B) wouldn't even know about it in the first place, except for the traffic would be better on their way to work because of the lack of foreign tourists.
The ones who don't trust the administration aren't the ones with the guns.
I heard that there is going to be a remake of "Red Dawn". Watch it, but replace the Russians and Cubans with FEMA and Homeland Security and see how it plays out.
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean I'm wrong; it just means I'm paranoid. I've been a military technocrat and government contractor and I've seen how things are run. Most people think, "The government is too stupid and bumbling to conspire in anything.", but the truth is that the really smart people DO work for the government, and they are the ones who actually get things done (like going to the moon or spying on all international communications), and those things that get done are done through conspiracies that avoid the bureaucracy as a rule, not as an exception. It's how I got things done that others couldn't, and it's how many others get things done now. You have to know whose back to scratch, even if it takes a bottle of Scotch to do it. Think "Colorado Mining Authority" times a million, and that's Crystal City.
Comment by:  PT (David Alexander) (Oct-12-2008)   Web site

Now I KNOW you are too deep into this stuff - the American people, and the military, would never allow it. The current Administration and their friends have zero credibility with the majority of Americans, and the rest of the sane already have strong doubts.
Comment by: auntiegrav (auntiegrav) (Oct-12-2008)   

David, I don't think you see the many ways the election can be voided because you haven't looked in those dark rabbit holes that I have. We are one Executive Order away from martial law, with all of the prerequisites in place for the federal government to take over all food, transportation, police, communications, and elections.
All they need is a trigger economic meltdown in order to start filling up the FEMA prisons with "persons of interest".
Comment by:  PT (David Alexander) (Oct-12-2008)   Web site

AG, I don't see how they can void the election unless it is VERY close. Also, it seems the Republicans could not pack the Supreme Court with total drones - all except maybe Clarence Thomas have a conscience and would avoid the extremes of illegitimate action.

Obama does seem more skilled than any Democrat in a LONG time in speaking so as to reclaim ground that Republicans have grabbed through bullying and mindless repetition.
Comment by: auntiegrav (auntiegrav) (Oct-12-2008)   

I am nervous that Bush/Cheney will realize that the McMean and McStupid ticket is going into meltdown and they will declare the election null and void, as the Supreme Court did in 2000.

Obama and Biden merely have to maintain composure and be adults and most voting people will see the difference in leadership ability. The Republicans lost a lot of women with Palin's appointment.

The Democrats have to figure out how to move to less government hassle without less government usefulness. Preach that and they wouldn't need the spectacle of the Republicans any more.
Comment by:  PT (David Alexander) (Oct-11-2008)   Web site

Apprehension that voters will not vote for a (half) black man has been discussed for months. However, the violent language of crowds at the rallies has been discussed for a much shorter period.
Comment by: City Worker (Oct-11-2008)   

Actually, the nervousness I heard of was related to fear of a lack of ethnic open mindedness.
Comment by: City Worker (Oct-11-2008)   

Yes, I've heard others nervous, too.

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Member: PT (David Alexander) My lifelong pursuit, since age 18, has been to live more fully and find wisdom. This has involved studies with Zen masters, Tai Chi masters, and great psychotherapists while achieving my license as a gestalt therapist and psychoanalyst.

Along the way, I became aware of how the planet is under great stress due to the driven nature of human activity on this planet.

I believe that the advancement of human well-being will reduce societies addictive behaviors, and will thus also help preserve the environment and perhaps slow down the effects of global warming and other major threats to the health of human societies.

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