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Blog item: Bailing Out the Biosphere

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0 comments   Add a comment   Author: GuestWriter (Oct-23-2008)    Play a Video
Categories: Global Warming, Sustainable Living

The biosphere and global ecological systems deserve to be bailed outby Steven Earl Salmony

Global ecological sustainability is threatened by a massive ecological bubble – whereby there are not enough intact global terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems to maintain life. Now this – the destruction of our very being – is a crisis worthy of some serious emergency funding. The Guardian shows what the $2-4 trillion financial bailout could achieve if invested for the environment . It notes funding on this "scale to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect nature would... be repaid up to 100 times over."

Bailing out the biosphere would support up to 8 years of needed greenhouse gas emission reductions, going a long way towards averting abrupt and deadly climate change. Alternatively it could pay for 80 years of forest and biodiversity protection, would be 2-3 times what is necessary to fully protect global ecosystems, or could entirely transition the U.S. away from coal and oil for electricity generation. For "only" a one time $50 billion investment, access to safe drinking water could be given to the 2.5 billion living without, and for $30 billion a year all future threats of conflicts over food could be averted.

I suppose something had to be done to stop a global bank collapse, however deserved through decades of conspicuous consumption at the expense of the biosphere. But rescuing troubled bankers when the Earth and her life is dying is a bit like redecorating the Titanic as it sinks. Yet the speed and extent of the financial sector's massive bailout shows what is possible when society perceives a calamitous problem and rises swiftly to the challenge. If fat cat bankers are deserving, the biosphere and global ecological systems are much more worthy and in need of a bailout.

The ginormous task of our generation's environmental movement is to demand action and expenditures commensurate to the threats posed. It remains to be seen whether growth obsessed capitalism is redeemable; yet interestingly, prudent and ethical banks have largely been untroubled.

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