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International Olympic Committee And Dow Chemical Looking To Green Up Olympics
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  Jan-27-2011     nerdbarry

If the United States wins the 2022 bid for the Winter Olympics, there is already a lot of talk about increased athletic victories but more importantly there is talk of a lot of environmental changes. The United States Olympic Committee is not only looking to further the athletic accomplishments but to make sustainable environmental changes to the Winter Games. This began with naming Dow Chemical as the worldwide partner in the US Olympics efforts for the next decade.

During the last Winter Olympic Games (the Vancouver 2010 games), the United States won the most medals, with 9 gold, 15 silver and 13 bronze. With dominance in the areas of snowboarding and skiing, it only makes sense that the United States considers itself...  See entire

119 One-Liners To Respond To Climate Science Myths
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Blog item  Aug-14-2010     Zachary Zachary

Global warming graph; click for larger graphic

By Zachary Shahan

Over 100 one-liners for arguing with a climate "skeptic" or climate disinformer, with links to the science behind them.

Climate science expert, physicist and highly respected blogger John Cook of spends much of his time creating long, detailed, scientific rebuttals to climate change disinformers.

For detailed debunking of hundreds of climate change disinformer myths, you can surf his website for hours....  See entire blog item

For Base-Load Wind Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels: CAES
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Blog item  Aug-31-2009       dotcommodity   dotcommodity

Spaces for storing compressed gas can be some of the most efficient ways of storing energy for baseload power generationAs PG&E ramps up renewable power in response to the California RPS requirement that it get 33% of its electricity from renewables by 2020; it has been exploring ways to add that much renewable power to the grid while smoothing out the ups and downs of wind energy, which often peaks at night.

The utility needs a way to turn sometimes too much wind into anytime always there electricity.

The solution? Simple tech. Underground compressed air.

With compressed air energy storage; air is compressed and then pumped in natural underground reservoirs. The air is released later and converted into...  See entire blog item

The Good, The Bad And The Disappointing: Obama's 1st Year Environment Highlights
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Blog item  Jan-22-2010       bethbot   bethbot

Is Obama green enough?Many environmentally minded Americans welcomed Obama to the office of the President a year ago with high hopes that he would be able to at least start righting the environmental wrongs that had occured during the previous administration.

No matter how critical you want to be of the things that were or were not accomplished by the Obama administration, you have to admit that they took over quite a mess. With a war overseas that was quickly disintegrating into chaos and an economy that was at its lowest point in decades demanded Obama's immediate attention, while an impending climate crisis threatened to change the...  See entire blog item

Bamboo-Zled: FTC Catches 78 Clothing Retailers Selling Rayon As Bamboo
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Blog item  Feb-8-2010       bethbot   bethbot

Bamboo-zled: FTC Catches 78 Clothing Retailers Selling Rayon As BambooEco-fashion is the clothing industry's way of acknowledging the benefits of environmentally safe, chemical-free manufacturing and cultivation, and materials like organic cotton, hemp, and bambnoo have been introduced into the mainstream quickly by retailers that want a piece of the green action.

However, in their haste to capitalize on the recent interest in environmentally-friendly clothing, some retailers have been taking advantage of the public's lack...  See entire blog item

EPA Considers Stricter Pesticide Labeling Laws
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Blog item  Jan-4-2010       bethbot   bethbot

EPA Considers Stricter Pesticide Labeling Laws Pesticides present an especially difficult environmental problem, as they are often applied in excess on commercial crops, and on lawns and gardens as a precaution against weeds and bugs. When it rains, these chemical poisons slowly leach down through the soil and out into drains and sewers, and eventually enter the water supply.

It might surprise some people to learn that although their favorite brand of ...  See entire blog item

Is Nothing Sacred? Audubon Society Might Allow Oil Drilling In Sanctuary
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Blog item  Jan-8-2010       bethbot   bethbot

Is Nothing Sacred? Audubon Society Might Allow Oil Drilling in SanctuaryAmerica's coastlines are under attack, and whether you're watching house-sized chunks of the Alaskan coast fall into the ocean due to climage change, or observing the Louisiana shore erode away thanks to leveeing along the Mississippi River and drilling for fossil fuels, it's clear that they are losing the battle.

We normally look to well-known environmental protection and wildlife...  See entire blog item

EPA Not Suited To Protect The Environment, According To Sen. Murkowski
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Blog item  Jan-16-2010 Click to play the linked video or audio in a new window       bethbot   bethbot

EPA Not Suited To Protect The Environment, According To Sen. Murkowski We refer to it all the time: the Environmental Protection Agency.

Regardless of how poorly one might think this federal agency has shouldered its charge to conserve and protect the natural environment of the United States, anyone can see that they are the ones that should be doing it.

Anyone, that is, but Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski.

From the ...  See entire blog item

Cape Wind Project OKd, But Are Giant Gravel Batteries The Secret For Storage?
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Blog item  May-2-2010       bethbot   bethbot

Cape Wind Will Harness Energy, But Are Giant Gravel Batteries The Secret To Storing It?Denmark, China, Antarctica, and now the Nantucket Sound.

These locations all have one thing in common; they are ideal sites for generating enough electricity from strong ocean breezes to power hundreds of thousands of homes.

The subject of an almost decade-long debate, U.S. Secretary of the Interior...  See entire blog item

Celebrating 40 Years Of Activism: 7 Ways To Get Involved For Earth Day!
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Blog item  Apr-21-2010       bethbot   bethbot

Celebrating 40 Years Of Activism: 7 Ways To Get Involved For Earth Day!By Beth Buczynski

When Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, proposed the first nationwide environmental protest "to shake up the political establishment and force this issue onto the national agenda," he could not have forseen the global impact that his vision would have.

Now, on the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day protest, the planet is...  See entire blog item

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