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  About Second Life (SL) · Special Events   Planet Thoughts EG group   Environmental Council
    Bali Conference      Step It Up 2007     Live Earth 2007   · Earth Day 2008     Earth Day 2007

Produced by the
Environmental Council
of Second Life
Earth Day 2008 in Second Life is being observed Saturday April 19 through Tuesday April 22nd (the official Earth Day). See the schedule and jump-off links for Second Life, below. If you are not yet a Second Life participant, joining is very simple, and is free, starting with the Second Life viewer download.

*** See an important discussion from April 22nd (full transcript) ***
"Effective Ways to Move Toward a Sustainable Planet"

Days Participants
Tu Bliss Gardens - music, nature scenery
Sa,Tu Center for Water Studies / All About Water - science info & planning
Sa Etopia Eco-Village / Etopia Island - biking, music, presentations
Sa,Tu Mystic Academy - open discussions on the environment
Sa,Su,Tu Native Lands / Red Rock - three days of events
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Jump to Bliss Gardens in Second Life

Tuesday April 22nd (12 noon to 5pm SLT): Five musical artists performing live, PLUS an environment-related treasure hunt for your entertainment AND with a prize

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Wristband for
Earth Day 2008

Jump to Center for Water Studies / All About Water in Second Life
  (when arriving, click the small globe that says "Center for Water Studies" to get to the meeting site)

Please join Delia Lake at your Center for Water Studies today, Saturday, April 19, for Earth Day, from 9 am to 11 am SLT for:
--a discussion of some water related issues in Real Life
--planing the next 6 months at CfWS
--What should be our next series of builds, and how you can help
--Habitat planning (what and how much to include for it to suggest a whole micro ecosystem
--Habitat building
--What kinds of education and awareness programs should we run to best use SL for positive influence on RL issues surrounding water?
--What SL and RL organizations should we be working with to increase our and their effectiveness?

If you are unable to join Delia this morning, please put your comments into this card, along with your avatar name and drop it on Delia's profile. The Center for Water Studies is a group owned site and would greatly benefit from your inputs.

If you are inworld at noon, please join Delia for a tour of a most amazing build of alternative energy done by Bjerkel Eerie, one of our All About Water group members.

If you are unable to visit the Energy sky island at this time, make sure to take it in another time soon. It's well worth a trip.

Tuesday April 22 10am SLT (moved from 9am) - "The Real Problems with Water", including the documentary Liquid Assets - hear an expert summary of the state of world water supplies, and where we may go from here

10:30am SLT - SURPRISE TOPIC led by Climate Scientist John Galland - presentation and discussion
If you visit Etopia (recommended - see below) during Earth Day or at any time, check out the build of an Aquaculture and Wastewater Treatment Facility by fishace Pye.

Lastly, Earth Day is about our connection to the Real Life earth. Walk outside and let your senses fill with wonder at the majesty of our world.

Thank you for being part of this group and ecological journey in SL.

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Jump to Etopia Eco-Village / Etopia Island in Second Life

Earth Day 2008 will be celebrated in Etopia on Saturday, April 19th. On this day we will be celebrating all that is good about the Earth and what we can do as individuals and as a community to help insure a healthy world for future generations. This date will also be the first anniversary for Etopia Island so come celebrate with us!

Bike Tour - 10-11a slt - Main Entrance

DJ Rocky - 12-1p slt - Market Square

Keynote speaker - 1-2p slt - Market Square

Walking/Train Tour - 2-3p slt - Main Entrance

Drumming in the Forest 3-4p slt - Forest

Vienna James Concert at 4-5p slt - Prime bandshell

Maximillion Kleene Concert at 5-6p slt- Community Center

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Jump to Mystic Academy in Second Life

Saturday April 19 - 12 noon SLT - Discussion of the Environment led by Jophiella Willis

Tuesday April 22 - 3pm SLT - Discussion of the Environment led by Jophiella Willis

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Jump to Native Lands / Red Rock in Second Life

Earth Day 2008 (April 19th, 20th & 22nd) Schedule of Events
"A Global Vibration To Honor The Earth"

>>>>All events take place at the Primary Venue, unless the event has a link attached to it

Note: Arts Area displaying beautiful art at all times

SATURDAY April 19th

11am Drumming Circle @ - during the Earth Day schedule, a drumming circle will be held at 11am each day.
12 NOON Zaphod Theas (Live Music, Rock)
1 Eco-Tour, Exploring Turtle Island by canoe
2 Djai Skjellerup (Live Music, Lyrical, Melodic Soul)
2 SLakota Honor The Earth Powwow
3 SLakota Honor The Earth Powwow (continued)
4 Artel Brando (Live Music, Rock Folk)
5 Reception at Gadget Land Bird Sanctuary
5:30 continued...Walk n Talk Interprative Nature Tour

SUNDAY April 20th

11:06am Moment of Global Positive Vibration
11:10am Drumming Circle
12 NOON Dalai Lama Special Earth Day message on Sustainability >>>> LIVE stream <<<<<
1 Baxter Smit - (Native Flute, Stories)
2 Cylindrian Rutabaga - (Soulful, Modern Blues-Rock)
3 Enniv Zarf - (Classical Piano)
4 Etherian Kamaboko - (Americana, Roots, Blues, Folk)
5 Turtle Island Wind & Solar Expo - Canceled - personal emergency
7 Cypress Rosewood - ground-breaking live music and interaction

TUESDAY April 22nd (Official Earth Day)

11 Drumming Circle
12 NOON Kourosh Eusebio - (Deep Ambient Piano & Electronic)
1 Torben Asp - (Euro Electronic Orchestrations)
2 Lehua Lamington - (Stories from The Earth / Hawaiian Storyteller)
3 Yetzirah Aeon - (Energy Chanting)
4 Thumper Boucher - (Sould, NeoFunk)
5 Prismatica Palisades Earth Dance
6 Fricker Fraker (Traditional Native Flute)
7 Fricker Fraker (contemporary mix)
8 Cypress Rosewood & ChangHigh Fireshow - (an Amazing Spectular)
9 Grand Finale Fireworks & Cosmic Pyrotechnics
10 Cyon Manga - Campfire Storytelling

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We won a Gotham Green Award for 2010, on Earth Day! Thank you Gotham Networking for this award.

See the attractive event brochure.

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